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Local co-working and its direct link to the revival of the high street

We have always viewed co-working in the suburbs as a new movement. A collective of individuals and businesses who are readdressing the balance between work and life. Questioning not just the commute, fixed working hours and physical presence in the office but also business overheads, efficient use of time, stress, well-being and the needs of our families. A band of individuals who are fulfilling their dreams to build that app, run that retreat, start a completely new career, be their own boss on their own terms.

As we start to re-emerge from lockdown there has been much written about how the working world is adapting to the sudden and seismic change in how we do business and what I am hearing loud and clear is that while we may be entering a period of economic uncertainty, many people are keen to readdress the levels of stress associated with their pre lockdown working lives, often caused by commuting and long imposed hours at their places of work. But working from home comes with it’s own set of challenges and now many want to reintroduce the social element and the efficiencies of working in an office/studio environment. This is where co-working comes in. We now see many more local businesses and individuals joining our movement to take back control of their work and life balance.

By co-working locally not only can you improve your own lifestyle and reduce your carbon footprint, it’s a fantastic way of supporting your local community. We have heard so much over recent years about the demise of our high streets and I am concerned, like everyone, that in the short term we may see some retailers, pubs and restaurants close down. However if the thousands of pre-lockdown commuters were to work remotely in their own communities, can you imagine the impact this will have on their home towns and communities? Could this movement towards more flexible and efficient working practises have the knock-on effect of helping our communities to thrive again? It makes sense that by working along-side and networking with like-minded businesses and individuals there is a unique opportunity to boost local economies.

If you are interested in finding out more about co-working in Hertfordshire, or becoming part of a local business community, please do contact us and we’d be happy to discuss your requirements. We can help you to achieve a less stressful, cost effective way to work, spending less time in transit and more time creating amazing opportunities to grow your business and support your local community.

Local co-working communities are full of dynamic thriving businesses: I think you’d be surprised!

Natalie Harmer

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