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6 Networking Events In Harpenden To Help Your Business

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The Harpenden Collective has released a calendar of events in the upcoming months - from networking breakfasts and after work drinks to workshops and talks to help your business kickstart the ‘new school year’. Read on and pick your favourite!

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Networking Breakfast

One of the best networking opportunities there is, networking breakfast is for business owners, freelancers and entrepreneurs to meet in a relaxed setting and get to know each other. Great projects were started over a cup of coffee!

This networking event is held regularly in Harpenden and St Albans locations, click here for the next available date. The event is free for members to attend, non-members can book tickets here. Enquire about membership today!

Business Owners’ Workshop

Martin Munro (The Alternative Board) runs regular workshops to help push businesses to the next level. The workshop is fully interactive and brings together a variety of opinions and views.

This is a networking opportunity to engage with a group of peers and could help you regain momentum, get a healthy dose of inspiration and motivation. The event is free for members to attend, non-members can enquire about membership here .

After Work Drinks Open to all, after work drinks are a very popular combination of catching up after a week at the ‘office’ and casual networking with fellow entrepreneurs in Harpenden or St Albans. Relaxed atmosphere, grouped together with some serious business know-how, this is one event not to miss!

The event is free for members to attend, non-members can enquire about membership here

Ask The Expert

Want to learn something new or further enhance your skills? Ask The Expert are talks and workshops are led by a member of the Harpenden Collective, an expert in the field of their business. Each talk is different, interesting and beneficial - with takeaways for any entrepreneur.

These events are great for networking, each talk inspiring a conversation and creating a networking opportunity with members you may not meet in the workspace on a day-to-day basis. Free for members to attend, some non-members tickets might be available. Enquire about membership here!

Fairs, Markets & Days Out

Last but not least are the events favoured by all members, their families, friends and local public alike: Christmas Market, Summer Festival or a Day Out (keep your eyes peeled for a very special June 2019 Polo Day!).

Great for socialising, getting noticed out and about and not just in the ‘business mode’. It can do wonders for your company. These events are open to members and non-members alike - see the events calendar for more details.

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Regular networking in Harpenden is great for business owners and entrepreneurs as it encourages them to talk to people and create connections - crucial for business growth at any level. Enquire about becoming a member of the Harpenden Collective and book your next networking opportunity today.

Standard membership is from £30 a month, you’ll get a creative coworking space, inspirational company, and a host of other benefits including:

  • Members directory of over 70 local businesses

  • Prestigious Harpenden business address

  • Free business events

  • Vibrant work social scene

  • Collaboration opportunities

  • Complimentary use of meeting room

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