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Join Us For Our Under 30s Coworking Pop-Up!

Monday 9th April – Friday 13th April

  • Unlimited free tea, coffee and cold refreshments

  • High-speed wifi

  • Contemporary coworking environment

  • £10 a day - single or multiple days available

  • Paid in cash on the day

coworking group laptops

Do you work from a coffee shop or library, feeling awkward that you probably shouldn’t be spending the whole day there? Fancy a change of place, with inspirational entrepreneurs around you, great atmosphere and all for the price of coffee and lunch?

The Harpenden Collective is running a coworking pop-up this Easter. From Monday 9th April through to Friday 13th April, 8 people can take advantage of free coffee, tea, refreshments, super fast wifi all set within a contemporary coworking environment.

Research shows a great shift towards fluid workspaces, encouraging collaboration and communication wherever you are, finding a ‘third space’ somewhere between work and home, where you can get your head down and get things done. The Harpenden Collective has over 70 members who use our space for exactly this purpose, so come and join us!

The Harpenden Collective is situated in a stunning location, 5 mins walk from the station.

We only have 8 spaces available that can be booked for single and multiple days so get booking! Just get in touch with us using our contact form and we’ll have you set up faster than you can order your latte to go.

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