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“A highly productive environment. Great people. Brilliant location. We love it” 


“The mothership” 


“I love coming to THC, it comprises a unique and uplifting group of supportive and like-minded people. I work more productively here and consider the Collective a great 'find'!”

“An amazing space to grow a business. It offers a great working environment and a network of likeminded driven members to collaborate with” “THC has changed my life as a free lancer; you feel part of something but without feeling obligated to anyone”

“Excellent venue and wonderful people - it's a professional working environment and a fun social life all in one place" 

“A place to be really productive, call my own office, the usual office banter, great company, made some lovely new friends, done some crazy fitness feats, made new connections and generated new business”

“Working on my own business whilst feeling part of a wider team”

“After moving to England over a year ago I got bogged down in the SAH mom life. Coming to work at THC has re-lit my inner fire. It's inspirational/motivating to work amongst other professionals and the daily banter is refreshing. Awesome space to be in with even better people to work with!”

“It really is the most inspiring and motivating place to work! I’m always so productive in the office but still find time for a chat and coffee with all my lovely coworkers! Thanks Sebia and Natalie for creating such a fab workspace.”



“Albion Water has a beautiful spacious office, however without a dedicated meeting room, there is limited privacy. We’ve used The Harpenden Collective for presentations, staff appraisals, client and internal meetings. The room pricing is competitive and the catering is first rate. We would highly recommend to anyone looking for office space solutions.”



“ We had an office for 8 years but with the nature of our work and a progressive move towards flexible working having a permanent office no longer made sense. We have a team of 6 freelancers that work across the South East, we all work remotely keeping connected with the team and clients via skype.  I use the HC as my office and bring the team together once a month in the Team Working Room. The set up is ideal for our business, clients and team."



“I have been running my design agency for 14 years now. Having had studios in Oxford Circus and Shoreditch, it was a big decision to move my company into The Harpenden Collective. Its worked really well for me. As my team grows and retracts I can adjust the amount of desks I use. I go into London a couple of times a week to meet clients, so Its great being next to the station. One of the biggest benefits has been the extra time I have in my day now I dont have the daily commute into London."



"As the Managing Director of a global sales training company working with a range of blue hip companies including DHL, Thompson Reuters,visa phone and more, I travel a lot with work. So when I am in the country I'm keen to support my wife and 3 children as much as I can, whilst managing a demanding workload. Rather than heading into the office every day I work from The Harpenden Collective 2 days a week. It means I actually get to see my family before and after work. I can drop the kids to school and still be at my desk for 9am. I can guarantee that I will be on time for parents evenings, various performances and appointments without the added comuter stress. 


As the price of a pay as you go desk is equivalent to the cost of a train fare into London. It's a no brainier. 


The atmosphere at The Harpenden Collective is relaxed and friendly while respectful and professional. I'm able to handle sensitive sales calls without the fear of being interrupted and for those extra sensitive calls the break out areas are great.


Spending time away from my main business office really works for me. I can stay connected with my team, but without the interruptions. I'm often at my most productive when I'm working at The Harpenden Collective. 


Managing Director

Strategy to Revenue



The Blackhawk Network provide innovative prepaid solutions globally, partnering with iTunes, Visa, McDonald's and many many more. As Managing Director it was my responsibility to arrange the senior team away day. With colleagues coming from far and wide, I needed to find a premium location with excellent transport links to host the day. Rather than head into our central London office we decided to book The Harpenden Collective's stylish conference space for the day and used their beautiful meeting room overlooking Harpenden common as a meet and greet / break out area. 


The day was a huge success and my colleges were suitably impressed. The set up, service, catering and parking facilities were perfect for our requirement. 


We have since been back to book the space for further meeting and I'm looking forward to taking full advantage of my membership. 


Managing Director

Blackhawk Network



"Although I had worked from home for several years, I was keen to have a change and work with others in an office environment. A chance conversation with Natalie one day made me aware of the opportunity to hire a desk in the  office, and I jumped at the opportunity. It made my working days more focused and enjoyable. I liked the location of the office so that it was possible to meet people in town when necessary, and was close to the train station. It also felt a privilege to work in a lovely and historic building. Overall I felt that I was more in the 'hubbub' of life rather than working on my own at home. I am now on maternity leave but would certainly consider renting a desk with them again in the future."



At the Harpenden Collective we already have a cross section of individuals and businesses that use the space. From freelancers, start ups to established businesses, anyone can benefit from the easy set up.

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